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  • Debt is Coming
    • Speculative investment, with ambitious but inexact expectations of financial return, is important fuel for founders who build the unknown future. However, investors and operators are often deeply misaligned: investors think in bets, while operators think in consequences. The relationship is tense, but can be explosively productive. The VC model is an institutional expression of this tension.
  • When Tailwinds Vanish




Online Community


  • Guide to audience revenue and engagement
  • Content isn’t king
  • How the biggest consumer apps got their first 1,000 users
    • Go where your target users are, offline
    • Go where your target users are, online
    • Invite your friends
    • Create FOMO in order to drive word-of-mouth
    • Leverage influencers
    • Get press
    • Build a community pre-launch
  • The Information’s Jessica Lessin on how she’s scaling an already-expensive subscription product
    • The main bucket is obviously the content:
      • about two stories a day, exclusive stories that people aren’t going to be able to get elsewhere,
      • delivered into people’s inboxes as well as posted online. That’s obviously the most important part.
    • Second to that is the community.
    • That includes the online community on, where we have an active group of contributors who add comments to articles.
    • LESSIN:
      • The first thing is that they have to have a track record of doing really tough, important stories. A lot of reporters romanticize doing deep investigative pieces or breaking big news or writing truly original analysis, but I’ve found that if they don’t have a track record of doing those stories, they’re not as good a fit.
      • The track record of those stories is more important than the subject matter.
      • We’ve hired fabulous reporters who, prior to joining us, hadn’t covered tech — they’d covered real estate or something else, but their stories really stood out. That was more important than hiring reporters who had just been on the tech beat for a really long time.
      • Also, I think all good reporters have to be pretty tenacious and not give up. There’s a lot of pushback these days from companies and sources and all sorts of people who really mislead reporters constantly, particularly with stories that are tough about their business.
      • It’s really important to stand firm. You have to have a really thick skin for the kinds of stories we do.
  • Loyalty is membership’s North Star. Here’s how news sites & advocacy groups measure it.
    • David suggests two major and interconnected indicators that he determined drove membership: 1) frequency of use, and 2) a sense of personal importance.
    • Slate’s data showed that readers who view eight articles per month or more are far more likely to subscribe.
    • Here, he found that the average performance is 4.22% of unique visitors as regular readers.
  • The Rise of Lifestyle Streamers

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Life lessons

  • My Rules of Thumb By N. Gregory Mankiw
  • Your Life is Driven by Network Effects
  • RescueTime Newsletter
    • Over the years, we’ve seen people have the most success with goals that have a few specific qualities:
      • Outcome: Know what specifically you’re trying to accomplish
      • Intention: Understand why you’re choosing that specific goal
      • Realistic: Is this something you can hit on a regular basis?
      • Doable: Start small and build off of your success

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