Coconut Report 11

Utah, US

This week, I spent too much time learning, reading, and listening to podcasts – too much to learn. I took more notes than earlier and practiced a new way of learning SQ4R – a little book called Learn Less, Learn Smart. There is a video Marty Lobdell - Study Less Study Smart.

I learned how to rest and relax effectively at the same time ;)

Given the idea of building an app on CKB, I did a lot of code reading, and dapps on Ethereums as well. I enjoyed reading James’ code. His code is very clear and readable, and almost every paragraph has code comments. To be friendly to newcomers (who first read your code) is the right attitude to do an open source project.

With a bunch of discussion and research this week, I think we can make a simple dapp on Ethereum next week.

Btw, I found new Rust in Blockchain repos from James and Georgios,


Emacs learning

  • Familiar with more hotkeys
  • Installed Melpa packages
  • I love Emacs!!!


  • Read code
    • CKB
    • riemann-rs
    • ckb-sdk-ruby
  • Play-rust

Crypto projects check

  • Uniswap
  • Synthetix
  • dYdX
  • MakerDAO
  • Chainlink

Economics learning

  • Read Inside the House of Money
  • Subscribe The Economist via Kindle
  • Read posts on Ethfans about currency and Economics related content.


  • w/ Alex & Brian
  • w/ Jane
  • w/ Arpa
  • w/ Wenjie
  • w/ Crypto Mike
  • w/ Singapore Alan
  • w/ Yaping
  • w/ LA Matt
  • w/ Toya

Interesting things

Read on kindles

I like reading, on the laptop, the phone, pad, and kindles – I have almost every version of kindle, except the full keyboard one. I still love kindle’s reading experience the most. Because it’s spotless and less interruption. I can focus on the reading itself effortlessly.

Now I only keep two kindles with me, one binds with account, and the other one binds with account, both of them issued with amazon unlimited.

Dancing at home

A cute and sweet video The Importance of Dancing like an Idiot , contributed by Toya.