Coconut Report 18

Utah, US

A “black lives matter” protest happened in Provo this Saturday.

We saw a group of people around age 20 pass by our windows, with the handwritten signs of “black lives matter.” It was my first time being so close to a protest, and I was curious.

People were quiet and polite, and the protest was peaceful. When we left, we saw a guy with a “white lives matter” sign joining in the crowd.

This week I read a bunch of whitepapers from stablecoin projects – I love reading papers!

By reading research papers on economics and stablecoin projects, and their references, I learned the basic concepts. By moving one step further, to understand logic based on those concepts, I am slowly developing a mental model for the topic I am learning.

I will dive deeper and generate insights from notes and practice.

Other than learning about stablecoins, I read more books than last week.

I feel a need to train and expand my memory, for which I learned new note-taking and management tools (see Tools learned). Those tools build a wiki-like knowledge network based on note-taking, with keyword connections and relative links. That helps writing on specific topics, for example, academic research.

Recommend a quick read on the roam theory: A Brief Introduction to the Zettelkasten Method, and I plan to use Emacs org-roam to implement my wiki-network ;)


  • Notes on stablecoins
  • Rust trending bot run
  • Libra run
    • Follow Libra doc
    • Libra’s documentation is really well written. I didn’t meet any problem while testing it, which was a different experience from most of other blockchain docs.
  • Cocoverse: Rules of Walking draft
  • English notes

Tools learned


Books read