Coconut Report 25

Utah, US

The theme of this week is “hacking or hiking”.

We hiked in different new trails and enjoyed all of them a lot. I took many photos and videos. I published the one-year-celebration post for RiB after a delay of a few weeks. We finished our BigAnnouncement project’s MVP and started polishing a bit before the submission.

BigAnnouncement.eth hacks

I finished our Solidity contract by adding a function for the creator to withdraw ETH.

I read Georgios’ tutorials written for Loom Network two years ago. Although the content about Solidity itself is out of date, the concepts in those posts are still classic. He is a smart guy, and also hard-working.

I learned something new about JavaScript from making these small changes:

  • Verify input value.
  • Show price in ETH instead of in Wei.
  • Use big number JS library to deal with ETH price.

Next, we need to record a video to introduce our hacks next week.

RiB community

I finally published the RiB one-year blog post: RiB is One Year Old!. I am glad that RiB has more than 20 contributors, and We listed almost all of them in the post. Some of them are repeated contributors!

Aside from recognizing contributors, the post gives the reason for creating RiB, shows the visiting data, and discusses changes in the newsletter format. Moreover, it also explains our frustration of balancing projects’ marketing and developers’ tech topic discussions.

I think honesty and openess are the key of building an open source community.

Readings this week

Random: the road trip starts

We checked out of the Airbnb we have lived at for about four months in Provo. We drove slowly from Provo to the north, passed Ogden, Eden, and arrived in Logan on Saturday afternoon.

Logan is awesome. It has a small population of 51,542 (Est. 2019). The city is built on mountains, with rivers feeding into the city. It has beautiful churches and lovely houses, well-planned streets, blocks, and parks. Quite livable.

Changing to a new environment is always risky. We don’t know if things we touched were used by someone who carries coronavirus. We equipped ourselves with alcohol, hand sanitizer, face masks, and sevral days food and necessary luggage.

We clean our hands each time we touch something else. We disinfect everything before we contact, such as door handles, switches, faucets, etc. We also disinfect everything before we bring it into the apartment, then take showers to clean ourselves. We try to walk, hike and drive avoiding people. We carry face masks with us all the time, in case we can’t keep a social distance.

Life has changed a lot since the pandemic, so too for other people. I hope all my friends are safe and mentally healthy, and good luck to all of us.