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I build blockchain projects in Rust and I have been running Rust in Blockchain since 2019. Previously, I built developer communities for the software and people I love.


  • Rust programming in the crypto field
  • Engaging open source contributors
  • Developing communication strategies, across cultural boundaries, in English and Chinese


Projects | Programmer | 2020.04 - Now

wasm-opt-rs. Rust bindings for Binaryen’s wasm-opt.

RealTPS measures the current number of transactions per second committed by various blockchains.

Treasure Tree. A real-world treasure hunt game where the treasures are represented as QR codes in the physical world, and NFTs in the virtual.

The Captain’s Ascent. A game of smart contract programming, for people to learn smart contract programming in Rust.

The Big Announcement. This is a tiny dapp built on the Ethereum testnet. It is my first blockchain programming project.

Rust in Blockchain | Creator & Editor | 2019.06 - Now

I created Rust in Blockchain as a monthly newsletter and a community for Rust and blockchain developers. I write most of the blog posts and curate each newsletter. RiB is One Year Old! is an overview of this project.

Nervos Network | Developer Relations | 2018.07 - 2020.03

Building Impressions. I joined Nervos as a business developer for its blockchain framework CITA. My work started with distributing Nervos’s fundraising news. I provided strategic event planning, particularly for dev meetups. Nervos has built a good reputation as an innovative tech team in the Chinese blockchain community.

Content Marketing. I managed content planning and distribution on Chinese dev platforms, such as Rust China, SegmentFault, InfoQ, etc; general community platforms Zhihu, Jianshu; and blockchain media platforms like Bihu.

Engaging Developers. I built relationships with Rust developers in Europe and China. I advocated Nervos blockchain architecture to other Rust devs, and encouraged them to build on Nervos. I organized and participated in dev conferences, such as RustCon Asia, RustFest Rome & RustFest Barcelona, RubyChina, etc. I started Rust in Blockchain meetups and workshops in San Francisco, Berlin, and Hangzhou, China.

The latest dev conference is RustCon Asia 2019. I wrote blog posts, Why Rust and A Close Encounter with Rust Community, about it.

Recruiting Developers. After engaging with developers for so long, I naturally changed my role to recruiting them. I created the recruiting process and managed interviews.

HackathonCN | Business Development | 2017.05 - 2018.06

I ran hackathons for companies. Our clients included: KONE, INESA, Microsoft Shanghai.

SegmentFault | Marketing Manager | 2015.07 - 2017.05

Engaging Developers. I built engagement between junior and senior developers, and between developers and organizations. I optimized the interactions between organizations and talent.

Developing Business. I expanded connections and brought sponsors to support developer communities.

Operating Dev Events. I planned and organized dev events such as SegmentFault D-Day meetups, two SFDC conferences, and hackathons in China. The most notable hackathon series is Anyone Can Code.

My profile page on SegmentFault has some old posts (in Chinese).

Excellent Coffee | Founder & General Manager | 2010.08 - 2014.09

I operated a coffee business and its local community. I was also the principal barista and know how to make superb coffee in at least two dozen styles.

Iflytek | Software Developer | 2007.07 - 2010.05

I wrote C# and Java for government projects, including an office management system for a telecom company, and analytics for law enforcement.