These are works that are published. Some other internal works are not listed here.


I am learning programming, and have built some stuff:

Communication Strategies

I provide insight and strategy for building developer communities. Here is a list of published works.

  • Thoughts on Developer Community Building is an article I wrote for Nervos team. In this article, I analyzed many blockchain projects’ content marketing that is focused on developers. I gave actionable suggestions at the end of it.
  • Proposals for Nervos team
    • Nervos Bi-weekly Reports in Chinese and English. I started it and helped establish its structure.
    • Nervos CKB Development Update. I persuaded the dev team to share development activities with community developers. It also benefits the marketing team by providing detailed information.
    • CKB Daily, I created this dev channel in Chinese in order to share Nervos CKB technology in bite-size.
    • Nervos Forum. I proposed this online communication channel It is also a knowledge base for newcomers to learn from.

Writings in English and Chinese

Event Strategies and Operation

  • Nervos
    • RustCon Asia 2019 is the first Rust community conference in China. It attracted more than 300 Rust developers in Asia, with speakers coming from overseas. It was a big party for Rust developers in China and for projects that adopted or plan to adopt Rust. The conference bridged Rust western community and Rust China community.
    • Rust in Blockchain meetups, SF, Berlin, Hangzhou, China. and Rust in Blockchain workshops during SF blockchain week.
    • Crypto Wednesday: a weekly dev meetup created for Nervos community. It successfully engaged developers and built a good reputation. Some speakers and attendees came from other cities.
    • Nervos meetup series
      • “Greetings” around China
      • “Beyond Consensus” in China and overseas
  • SegmentFault