Coconut Report 0

Location: Vietnam

Timezone: UTC+7


Build on CKB Community

  • List China community networks I’ve already connected
  • Dev pitch list building starts
  • Content & publication plan with topics
  • Developer community building proposals revise:
    • Key developer conferences 2020
    • Build on CKB Community initiative
    • China regional plan
      • Chat channel
      • Event organizing
      • Publication - weekly newsletter
      • Social media

RiB Newsletter

Programming a bot

  • bot0: progress at database connecting


  • Building a bot as a way of learning Rust programming
  • Use todolist + RescueTime to help with productivity
  • Review blockchain developers’ github
  • Social media tools check and apply to twitter/weibo developer account

Meetings and Sync

Saturday with Alex

  • Git status ;)

Tuesday w/ Mitchell

  • Transfer to Jane & Matt to collaborate

Tuesday w/ Jane, Matt, DC Wu about CKB community sync

  • I’ve shared the idea of
    • Building bots for CKB
    • A community newsletter focuses on developers
  • nCoV situation

Tuesday w/ Nervos team & community leaders

  • The new structure about Nervos foundation & Nervos original leaders


  • Open source my reports to start building an open-source community
  • Rib Newsletter topic coverage
  • Rib Newsletter needs contribution guide – from Brian
  • Build Ferris Fencing on ckb
  • Bot programming learning ideas