Coconut Report 1

Location: Vietnam

Timezone: UTC+7


Build on CKB Community

  • Build OnCKB Website (WIP)
  • Final the regional proposal
  • Handover UX recruiting work
  • List content resource (discussion on discord) on google doc, for later planning
  • Dev pitch list building keep going

RiB Newsletter

  • Merged a PR from Matter Labs
  • Merged a PR from CodeChain
  • 10+ joined RiB telegram group, and more discussions
  • A wechat group rust&blockchain is created by @lispc, 43 members so far


  • Reading jekyll doc and a theme doc
  • Learn from devs: Wang Bo: Keyper: ownership layer for CKB
  • Search blockchain projects, github, forum, and twitter. add to mylist
  • PGP on chain search
  • Twitter developer account emails (haven’t got approved)
  • Set up Thunderbird
  • Update my website

Meetings and Chat

  • Friday w/ Betty (rivtower)

    • Feedback about candidates
  • Friday w/ Echo

    • UX recruiting process update
  • Wednesday w/ Luis

    • Add intro about me & China region to regional community plan
  • Wednesday w/ @lispc

    • Blockchain dev in China
    • CKB grants
    • Jekyll build experience
  • Tuesday w/ Jane, Matt, DC Wu, Toya about CKB community sync

    • Projects pitch sync
    • Can-do things sync
  • Tuesday w/ Jane about

    • OnCKB publication

      • Focus on developers useful interesting fun cool
      • Where to build the publication
    • CKB weekly newsletter

      • Communities’ collaboration and contribution
    • Regional communities collaboration

      • Regional updates contribution
      • English/Chinese content sync



  • Run on CKB experiment ideas