Coconut Report 3

Location: Utah, US

Timezone: UTC-7


Build on CKB Community

RiB Newsletter

  • Call for contribution tweet
  • Build a calendar for rib events (to add to the website)



  • Ask for review about my blog post from Jane, Brian, Matt again, and polish
  • Check tech content(posts and workshop videos) from other projects that I can learn and produce the same type for CKB
  • Content preparation: Recap CKB content from talk, doc and devs’ blogs

Meetings and Chat

Monday w/ Jane

  • Proposals’ directions
  • Communication progress

Monday w/ Jane, Matt, Toya, DC

  • Sync
    • Developer community building thoughts
    • Potential partners
    • Another weekly newsletter focuses

Wednesday w/ Toya

  • Intro the contact for event cooperation

Saturday w/ Rust devs

  • Latam conf situation
  • Rust community conf organizers


  • Update the basic version of OnCKB Website with two languages
  • Social media account for onckb
  • Prepare the next blog post about OnCKB Website
  • Programming THE bot
  • RiB Newsletter
    • The newsletter - Feb edition
  • Read twitter dev doc and reply to twitter team’s email