Coconut Report 4

Location: Utah, US

Timezone: UTC-7


Build on CKB Community

  • Edit and submit the third version of the proposal & discussion via emails
    • add live sharing events
    • add budget and the details
    • add KPI
    • add Description for a better read
  • Social media accounts for onckb: weibo, twitter, jianshu
  • Writing/reply the email on the proposal

RiB Newsletter

  • Move tasks to April with rebuild the site
    • Add contribution guide
    • Add the event calendar to the website
  • The newsletter - Feb edition
  • Received a PR from Golem


  • Update xcode and ruby version, build the site locally
  • Hackathon promoting prepare, chats
  • Outline of blog two posts: OnCKB, coffee on travel

Meetings and Chat

Monday w/ Jane, Matt & RunTheWorld

  • Online event platform intro

Monday w/ Jane, Matt, Toya, DC

  • Sync community updates

Thursday w/ previous colleagues

  • Topics on hackathon, developer communities in China


  • CKB dev doc
  • MIT 6.824: Distributed Systems


Nervos has more tech content in Feb, which is produced by developers. Developers start their video channels and share more small pieces of experience often on their independent website.

RiB Newsletter only takes me 2 days of work each month to keep up those updates. And it gets more contribution and attention. I consider moving this site from WordPress to the GitHub page in April-May after onCKB site built, to make it more open so that people can participate more comfortably and profoundly.

Writing skill is an asset, I need to practice more.

Learned from RiB: always encourage others.