Coconut Report 5

Location: Utah, US

Timezone: UTC-6


CKB Community

  • Got my proposal feedback on Thursday; Revise the dev community proposal with BD direction
  • Ongoing site framework
  • Chat with developers for UDT hackathon (feedback notes will be shared with Nervos team)
  • Chat with China dev-rel friends for information updates


    • Open
    • change the link color to Nervos green
    • add newsletters section
    • rss works
  • Chat with China developer related people


Monday w/ team

  • Sync community updates

Monday w/ HRs & co-founders

  • Recruiting steps

Thursday w/ Nervos community leads

  • Online strategy discussions
  • Ongoing pitch from different regions
  • Next approach and collaboration


  • Engage developers for CKB community
    • Support devs communication
    • Find blockchain dev & system programming dev profiles
    • Share the feedback with Nervos team
  • onckb
    • Offer useful info for developers
  • Revise China dev channels for collaboration


  • Jekyll framework


In general, wechat articles from blockchain projects have less than 1k views, Nervos, web3, yikuai have around 300 views each; People in Parity have more page views, about 800. It seems projects are active but not a lot of community activities or discussions.

Talked to a blockchain dev, we agreed on the reality that most blockchain groups are not active. You don’t see community people ask questions often.

Learn to write a better report.

Utah is beautiful and very quiet. I love here and might stay longer to avoid travel at this outbreak period time.