Coconut Report 7

Location: Utah, US

Timezone: UTC-6

Since I moved more work to the weekend, I would change the reporting day to Sunday.

I have been talking to friends in China, Italy, Berlin, Australia and the US, most of us are worried because of the COVID-19 but have to calm down and support each other.

I wrote a simple blog post in Chinese today, feeling it was big progress – started!


Rust in Blockchain

  • Revise RiB github page
    • Add redirect urls
    • Change link style in the single page module

Nervos project

  • 20+ developer CVs
  • JSconf speaker list
  • CKB Daily posts
  • Pushed another onckb hugo site (private yet) & content plan
  • Others:
    • Forward email from Consensys
    • Follow up Truffle


  • w/ Brian about testnet try on Wednesday
  • w/ Recruiting team on Thursday
  • w/ Qingwa about frontend devs on Saturday


  • Use GitHub project management to do the next month plan