Coconut Report 8

Location: Utah, US

Timezone: UTC-6



  • Business plan progress
    • Problems and solutions
    • Product logic and function
    • TODO: market research

RiB Newsletter

  • Published RiB Newsletter #10
    • Very happy to have repeat contributors
    • Got ReadRust author’s help with RSS
    • Got more support from this-week-in-rust, merged PR and retweet
  • Added RSS on menu
  • Changed the contact email on the website
  • Renewed the domain

Build onCKB

  • Tried testnet running and tx with Brian
    • Terrible docs
  • Finished the conversation on marketing (email Ben)

Programming a bot

  • Read ribbot code and rust docs


  • Added notes to the dev-community playbook
  • Posted jobs on 一亩三分地
  • Bought 60 days local insurance
  • Grants research about Web3
  • Building a dev team discussion, start from a SDK
  • Booked a new MacBook Pro (the current one’s battery is broken)

Meetings and Chat - lost time track this stay-at-home period

  • w/ Vickey (new HR from Cryptape)
  • w/ Daniel
  • w/ Kevin
  • w/ Jane
  • w/ Alex Zhang
  • w/ Brian


Keep building, and keep focusing.

Interesting things


  • I love baked vegetables, whatever type vegetables
  • I love eggy toast everyday
  • Daily Moka pot brew coffee with oat milk
  • Lavazza espresso coffee beans

Made a special coffee:

  • Moka pot brew coffee
  • Cookie ice cream
  • Half and half
  • Chopped chocolate

Discussion with Jane is quit fun:

  • How hard conversation you can take
  • How is online developer platforms’ business practice
  • Business is based on your networks in China