Coconut Report 9

Utah, US

This week, I tried to build a bot in Rust. Read a bunch of documentation and onboard articles. I had many questions on the basic syntax, for example mut. From learning new small pieces of knowledge, I started to take notes seriously, tried to record down each step I made.



  • Draft the business plan

Build on CKB


  • Registered a python course
  • Learn from Rust docs and videos
  • Command line learning


Built the Coconut report to Hugo site, it can be visited by

For rust & blockchain:

  • Read Eth 2.0, rust projects for RiB
  • Blockchain VMs list

For blockchain grants opportunities:

  • Eth wishlist
  • Web3 grants products
  • Nervos wishlist



  • Generated local docs by yarn docs to read ckb-sdk-js easily.


  • w/ Alex & Brian
  • w/ Kevin
  • w/ Jan
  • w/ Xuejie
  • w/ Qian LF
  • w/ Antonio
  • w/ Ronen

Interesting things

How to maintain your coffee grinder

There is a natural, effortless way to maintain your coffee grinder:

I guess everybody would keep rice at home, especially in the COVID-19 period. You can just put a handful of rice in the grinder – make sure there are no other hard objects (e.g., sand) in it. By grind the rice, the coffee oil that stuck on the grinder’s disc will be removed and absorbed by rice flour. Put in some freshly roasted coffee beans after that to remove the rice flour.

Got a unicorn coverall from Jane

Lovely and inspiring gift. I couldn’t stop jumping around inside the small apartment.

Found whiskey in Utah!

We went to (might be) the only liquor store to buy scotch whiskey and wine – we can only find beers in 7-11 or grocery store.