Coconut Report 12

Utah, US

It’s a DeFi week this week, I bought an Ether to play around with DeFi dapps on Ethereum, which turns out as nothing happened. Because I couldn’t see any reason to swap the Ether to other low value tokens, and the risks are high – I believe that those dapps on Ethereum are not well audited or regulated enough.

I also spent time on the development test on Ethereum. As I have heard for a long time that it’s easy to build a smart contract on Ethereum, and I planned to create a coin on it. But I stopped at several things,

  • The Ethereum dev docs are old. I followed a doc to install dev chain but found out that the cli command has been removed from the repo
  • The Parity client (now is called OpenEthereum is not updated)
  • Almost everything has to rely on JavaScript! I can’t believe any programmable money build on JavaScript
  • Solidity, I couldn’t say it’s terrible, but my dev friend’s idea was, it was designed by someone doesn’t understand a programming language
  • Remix or studio those online IDEs are like toys…
  • Truffle, Ganache, I haven’t tried enough

It was hard to compile code by command line. So I will try the IDEs next week.


  • A blog post in Chinese, About e-reading
  • A draft about rib workflow (shared with Brian)
  • Ethereum first try: remix, studio, and command line to deploy a simple contract
  • Sent Rib contribution call, and got 2 PRs and 1 Issue



  • Read a bunch of articles on DeFi and the projects on Ethereum
  • Read Macro economics related books
  • Read newsletters, eg. The Economist
  • Started to read new books
    • Debt – Listened from wechat
    • Bird by bird Sample
    • Stylebook 2019
    • Out of my mind
    • The elements of style
    • The Hobbit
  • Finished reading
    • I am watching you, I returned this book after about 15% read. A bit boring.
    • Inside the House of Money


  • Tried to build a contract on Ethereum
  • Read CKB code


  • w/ Jane
  • w/ Jack
  • w/ Dom
  • w/ Paulli
  • w/ Mike
  • w/ Brian

Interesting things

I lost track of the date and thought today was Saturday, which caused the late delivery of this report.

I started taking more walks outside this week. There were fewer people on the roads and the weather was fantastic. I once went to the supermarket by the way (still feel myself was stupid at that time), thinking that there would be very few people, but it turned out it wasn’t. Anyway, I dared not go to any supermarket any more during the pandemic.