Coconut Report 32

Minnesota, US

This is a report of this week (actually just four days since previous Coconut Report 31), and I am thinking of keeping a weekly pattern with shorter content rather than a more comprehensive monthly report, and putting specific content into blog posts.

Rochester gets warmer this week, and the daytime is shorter. Tree leaves fall down, and only branches are left. Cuttipies, squirrels and bunnies, come out often for food that is hidden in the grass. We met our neighbor yesterday, and Brian praised his gorgeous house.

The weather is so good that everybody is walking outdoors, enjoying the sunshine. We encountered many people on our walk, waved each other greetings. The daily COVID-19 infection number grows higher too. I expect the infection will reach a much higher record after election celebrations.

What I Saw This Week

During the period of US election day, everybody seems to be nervous. China doesn’t seem to care who will be elected as much as other countries since its economic policies for the next decade are more focused on domestic demand. I saw discussions on WeChat that people seem to bet on Trump a lot. There wasn’t too much to say about Biden. More jokes and memes, but not real information. Some even joke about it, saying, “I have never seen the US map for such a long time in my whole life”.

In the US, more states passed laws on drugs, e.g., Oregon becomes first state to legalize magic mushrooms as more states ease drug laws in ‘psychedelic renaissance’. In China, Ant Finance’s IPO was stopped by newly issued rules for REGULATION. Bitcoin’s price is sky high, and I lost my option bet again.

Hacks, Writes, and Thoughts

Ok, I made my Walnuts project, the toy blockchain project, build. And I started to play around with Polkadot ink with Brian. We love to experiment with mainstream layer1 blockchains with ideas about building tools for dapp developers. Both of us are lazy in different ways, and carefully choose what the next thing to work on is.

I moved some notes to blog posts, hoping to write more frequently, sharing thoughts and experience as early as possible. I think this would help me to verify ideas quickly. Thanks to the feedback from my previous programming post and GitHub activities.


Blog posts: I don’t take notes for everything. Some blog posts are good for saving for someday, but not useful to me at the moment. I can easily rg the keyword anytime when I need to.

Videos: The book that awakened Alan Turing’s genius is a new Tibees’s video, and I like her soft voice as well as the stories she introduces. 3Blue1Brown is a channel for learning math in an entertaining way. This is the type of educational video I like. I’m drawn to the tidy graphic, fast voice speed, and the whole video quality. It has a YouTube channel too.


  • Published RiB Newsletter 17 - Trick? Or Trait?. We added RiB changes, including contributing policies and projects’selected updates. Added Rust Conf China in the intro.
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  • Reported an Utterance bug: HTTP/2 403 Forbidden when posting comment
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  • Life
    • New coffee beans: familiar Lavazza and three blended coffee beans from a new local roaster
    • Thinking of planning another one-day trip