Coconut Report 36

Minnesota, US

There isn’t much going on this week. We are still in Rochester, MN, and the covid-19 cases are rising steadily, around 100 new infections per day. The daylight hours are short, and it turns dark at around 4pm every day. It’s difficult to feel cheered up with the mostly cloudy weather, even though Christmas is close.

Since my partner is in recovery and kind-of quit drinking, I finished all the beers we have. Drinking alone isn’t fun, though. We could probably do beer tasting rarely in the future or switch to wine tasting.

The vaccine distribution news is encouraging. The hope of retrieving our freedom from lockdowns grows as the vaccine becomes widely available. However, it still takes time.

Hacks and

I started writing The Big Announcement project on Substrate this week. It was frustrating when I spent a longer time solving problems than I expected. But it is always rewarding once a problem is solved, no matter how tiny it is. For instance, it took me about an hour to find out the typo Let instead of let, and I had no clue from the error message:

error: expected one of !, ., ::, ;, ?, {, }, or an operator, found new_instance

The detailed hacking logs are in Project: The Big Announcement and Play with Substrate. Other than that, I am still learning from ink smart contract examples and slowly moving the needle on our own project.

The community seems more like an open-source community now. I am glad to see people are willing to offer help either in community directions or education activities. I think we can plan a bit in 2021.

Read and learn

Lex Fridman’s new podcast interviewed an MMA coach: John Clarke: The Art of Fighting and the Pursuit of Excellence. This is a long interview, about 3 hours, that introduces the guest’s fighting experience and the practice of coaching oneself to achieve their goals. I feel a little bored about the host’s style, asking questions about philosophy and moments of suffering in their lives. Yep, life is hard.

Finished a novel: 太古和其他的時間. Stories that happened in a small town. It talks about people, lives, God, the timelines of different people or animals. The translation from Polish is excellent, and I can imagine how vivid the original words would be. I haven’t been attracted by a novel for a long time, and I think this is an excellent one.


  • Edited draft: How to pretend to be a hacker
  • updated the draft with more projects
  • Hacks: The Big Announcement with ink
  • Study notes updates
    • Project: The Big Announcement
    • Play with Substrate
    • Interesting Rust Projects
    • Cheatsheet
    • Depression
  • Enjoyed TV shows: Ted Lasso and Mythic Quest

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