Coconut Report 14

Utah, US

This week, I stopped checking the phone every day, especially not to check messages.

I was slightly nervous for the first 2 days, then relieved later. And now I feel quite comfortable just spending time on my laptop (Terminal Emacs & web browser), and 2 kindles. I do check messages though, maybe once every 3-5 days.

Life becomes very simple. And I have more time to read and think.



  • Emacs org-mode learned
    • Wonderful experience. I use it to manage my notes every day.
  • Programming
    • For my half-crawler requirement, I used Python and Rust for the experiment. WIP.
    • Read Burntsushi‘s blog and the repo on text searching: ripgrep
      • He did many cool repos
    • Read Rust lifetime & static lifetime
    • Rust Mdbook repo learned
  • IPFS
    • Installed js-ipfs
  • Tools
    • Wechat-format turns your markdown content to wechat articles’ format.
    • Joplin markdown note taking tool. You can encrypt the content and sync it to your cloud server. e.g. Dropbox.
      • But I choose Emacs.



  • Movie: Back to the Future
    • Rick and Morty was inspired by this movie. I like cool grandpa Rick, and the “Doc” in this movie too!
  • Filled our bar with 3 types of Scotch whiskey, and some red/white wines, and beers of course.
  • Built a lego bro
  • Started to imitate Canifornia accent ;)