Coconut Report 15

Utah, US

This is a week of focusing – less news, less messages, more classic books and articles.

I took useful notes, including thoughts about product building, and RiB community roadmap.

Staying at Utah is comfortable. I especially like the neighborhoods very well. From walking across those beautiful houses, seeing people who exercise in front of their apartments, I am comforted by this offline real life.


  • Cocoverse setup, domain, website, email, twitter (will be live next week)
    • Zola site generator
  • Animation for Cocoverse for fun
  • Setup rib feedly to generate project updates, with the help of Twitter RSS feeds
  • RiB post draft, one-year-anniversary, contributing, rib-workflow


  • Building
    • Installed cargo-fuzz
    • Rust WASM package
    • Zola, a static site generator written in Rust
  • Tools learned
  • Reorg my personal Inoreader
  • Clean up and update the Reading section



  • Movie: The Big Short
    • Thinking of how DeFi & coconut coin
  • TV show: The Big Lebowski
    • The dude
  • Cooking
    • Learned how to chop food
    • Made a pizza from scratch